Nicky is the perfect doula – so much so, I’m considering having more kids just to keep doing this with her. From the moment we met, she was set on instilling confidence in me for the way I wanted to birth.  She made it very clear that she had no agenda other than to support me.  She is incredibly professional – always on time, highly informed and responsive to every email and text.  She was there for me in the weeks leading up to my birth when I had a false alarm due to a strong case of Braxton-Hicks.  And, the night I went into labor she was a hero.  I labored peacefully at home for a bit and texted with Nicky in the wee hours about coming over.  Then suddenly, my surges kicked up and I called Nicky right back.  She was already on her way and switched course to meet us at the hospital.  She was there before we were, alerting the staff we were coming and asking to ring our doctor.  Nicky got on with the staff quite well, and my doctor would later say she changed her mind about doulas and really enjoyed working with Nicky.  Seeing her face when we arrived was so reassuring.  She had a treasure trove of techniques – positions, lavender oils, a tennis ball, and best of all active coaching to help me breathe and relax.

I will never forget how she made me feel so strong and capable – telling my husband he “chose well” and being right by my side as I brought my daughter into this world.  My husband later said how he felt they’d teamed really well.  My daughter came fast, born just 30 minutes after I got to the L&D room.  We all celebrated – me, my husband, the midwife, nurse, doctor and Nicky – it felt like a party there was so much joy and merriment!  Afterward, Nicky was caring and kind.  She came for a visit within a week and checked on me again a few weeks later.

Nicky understands what a momentous occasion this is in a woman’s life, and she is exactly who you want as your doula.

Rachel Griner