Before birth

I met Nicky Langley around January 2013 in Dubai through an experienced Midwife and Doula.

My first impression of her was that she would respect my wishes and support me and my husband. Nicky is a mother of four children and it was important for me that she has gone through the experience of childbirth and even more than once. I like the fact that she keeps doing other courses like breastfeeding and infant feeding and she also reads many books about childbirth. She talks with passion about breastfeeding and this was and is very important to me.

From the beginning Nicky believed in me that I could go through my wished natural un-medicated childbirth. I have been doing yoga for years and completed a hypnobirthing course so all I needed was a woman who would believe in me and could support my husband.

I liked the fact that Nicky was available till July as many people leave Dubai for the summer. Nicky, always answered my queries, even in the middle of the night she would answer my messages and was always ready to meet at any time and any place.


19 June, 00:40 my water started to leak and I first informed Nicky. Again, she was ready to come any at time. I waited for the surges which started around 2am and whatever she said was very important to me even to advise when to notify the hospital. Nicky, at my request, arrived around 4am to my home. She kept encouraging me to breathe deeply, and kept telling me to be calm and that I was amazing at what I was doing. As she was seeing how I was doing she gave me a signal that I could go to hospital while my husband was prepared all the necessary things.

In the hospital she was all the time with me, she knew exactly what to tell me and how to touch me. She had lavender fragrances and tissues to calm me, a small warm pillow to comfort my lower back pain, mirror to see when baby is crowning and even a tennis ball to massage my lower back. The tennis ball was amazing and the lavender was very soothing as well.

Nicky, massaged my feet as well. If not for childbirth I would be embarrassed to ask for more. She was there when I needed a jumper or blanket before the surges were coming and she removed them quickly when I felt too hot. She used all the time the right words for me to support me and apply the gentle, right pressure touch to comfort me.

Nicky also showed respect by letting my husband do the talking on my behalf to the hospital staff in order to overcome medical barriers. When he was worried about me going through powerful surges and blood loss, Nicky showed great support to my husband. She was there to tell him when something is normal or not.

Nicky, understood very well what the midwife was saying and she could easily keep encouraging me especially when the time to push came. She was showing so much happiness when my baby arrived as it was her own. She cried together with my husband.

My birth was completely without any drugs. The third stage, placenta delivery, was passive and without injection as per my birth plan. My husband and doula were familiar with my birth plan and I had a lotus birth. My baby started to breast feed within less than 30 min. Nicky, looked after my placenta as I planned to encapsulate it. Nicky took some pictures and video for us and after a short while left us alone for baby bonding.

After birth

In less the 24 hours after our beautiful baby girl was born we came home. Nicky came to visit the next day, bringing us food, some water that we asked for and some little gifts for baby Gabriela. She gave us some useful tips on how to change a nappy and answered any questions about the baby that we had.

My experience with Nicky was amazing and something that I really needed. We feel very blessed to have had her as our Doula.

Justyna, Zenon & Gabriela Oratis