Dear Nicky,

It will soon be a month to the day Joshua was born, time does fly so very fast. I have been thinking all this while how I can find the right words to express my thanks to you!
Thank you so much for being my strength and support through the amazing birthing experience.

When I first approached you for the Wise Hippo hypnobirthing sessions, I was still not sure how things would proceed and if I would be able to birth naturally without any medications. Joshua being a long awaited baby – 7 yrs after my firstborn Daniel, I was definitely very nervous. The birthing experience with my first child Daniel was also an experience I did not want to relive – the artificial membrane rupture, the slow dilation, pitocin, IV, epidural and all the feelings I went through, predominantly the loss of control and helplessness I felt at the end of it. My husband was even more sceptical. But when we met you and you took us through the hypnobirthing sessions we felt so calm and relaxed, our fears melted away as you introduced us to Ina May Gaskin and showed us so many videos of calm births and the woman’s natural ability to birth instinctively. This was when we decided to have you support us as our doula during the birth and what an amazing decision that was!!
I still remember at my 37 weeks scan the doctor told me my baby was in transverse position and this being a new doctor filling in for my regular one, also told me about the need for a scheduled c-section. For sure the doctor must have thought me t be crazy when I calmly told her that I would have a natural birth and my baby would move into optima position  it was your support then that helped us sail through all our doubts!

Thanks to the wise hippo program and hypnobirthing I was able to be so calm and relaxed during my surges. So much so that the doctor and midwives at the hospital thought I was in very early labour and told me to come back later only to check and realize that I was already 8cms dilated. I have not seen so many surprised faces at the hospital and all the midwives asking me how could I be so relaxed. However again with slow dilation as per the hospital terms, it was your constant support and liaison with the midwives which ensured I could continue to focus on my birthing plan and make the decision for the right birth at the right time. Your support breathing me through my surges, being there constantly for the 6 odd hours of my later labour of love ensured I could birth my 4.1 kg “big baby” completely naturally in the position my body instinctively chose at my pace with the full support of the midwives!

I have never felt so empowered and so great as I did post the birth. I now know that I am capable of doing anything and am so very thankful to you for introducing me to this feeling that I will cherish forever.
We wish to thank you and to recommend every woman looking for a natural and empowered birthing experience to explore the wise hippo sessions with you and to have your support as a doula.

Loads of love,

Joshua, Kavita and Clarence Dsilva