Whenever I read happy testimonials of couples referring to their birth experiences, I used to wonder how genuine their experiences were. Never ever I thought that one day I will be writing a similar experience with reference to Doula services provided by a lovely lady called Nicky.

To start with I found Nicky on Dubai Doula Services website. I first spoke to Elizabeth Bain and she gave me two numbers of which one was Nicky’s. She did mention to me that Nicky is comparatively new to the service in Dubai but is a lovely person and she is where every doula is at one point in their careers.

I first met Nicky with my husband at a local coffee shop. She was bang on time for the meeting! I had chosen American Hospital to deliver and Dr. Raj was my doctor with whom I was very happy as she said yes to everything that I wanted in my second baby’s birth. My first child’s birth experience was not what I would have wanted it to be and wanted to do all the right things this time and having a doula was part of that plan. But hubby was not convinced that why should we hire a doula when we have a cooperative Gyneac and himself to support me. I couldn’t explain to him what a doula does and decided to make him meet Nicky.

After the meeting, my hubby agreed to hire her services and I was very happy with the way it went. It was during the meeting that Nicky recommended me a book called Hypnobirthing by Marie.

I not only wanted to have a normal delivery but a natural birth as well free from drugs and interventions. This book sounded like the answer to all my queries and it seem to have the formula for perfect birth.

After the meeting, I met Nicky as she had the book and was happy to lend it to me. It had hypnobirthing CDs as well and Nicky had marked the important pages for her reference and for the reference of the reader. I was 34 weeks pregnant at that time. Since the book recommended daily practising, I wondered if I had enough time to read the book first and then the practise. I finished the book in 10 days or so and had an extraordinary view about our birthing system. Why and how it all started and how hypnobirthing can help us have the best birthing experience that we all deserve as parents and hence give a healthy start to our little ones even in this day and age of allergies and every rising diseases. Hence my quest to find more and more about this wonderful concept of hypnobirthing started and I watched videos and read loads of articles on how women had virtually pain-free births just be breathing right and getting yourself into a state of hypnosis and still be aware of your surroundings. Day one when I heard the CD and wanted to practise, I literally dosed off. Probably coz of big belly and sleepless nights that I was experiencing coz of it.

With a 4 year old school going kid and my nesting instincts kicked in, I got myself very busy running around and then resting and practising always took a back seat. All this while, I was in touch with Nicky on WhatsApp and via emails as well where in she sent me some lovely birthing music to calm me down whenever my labour kicks in. She would answer all my concerns and if she didn’t have an answer which was very rare, she would find out the answer and get back to me within a very short span of time. She kept herself available for me 10 days before and after by due date.

She had told me I could ask her anything anytime. Though reluctant at first, I soon began to put across all my concerns and thoughts to her and she would happily reply to each one of them.

Finally 4 days before my due date, I got mild period like cramps at 3am. Thinking that they are practise surges as they saying hypnobirthing, I slept through them till 4.30am and then I realised that they don’t seem to be going away, I decided to time them up. They were 8 minutes apart and Nicky had told me if your belly goes up and down with every contraction, then they are for real. I texted Nicky and she replied by saying Hooray! And Relax! I didn’t want them to stop as well as I was tired of carrying a huge belly and sleepless nights and wanted some action! ☺

My hubby and my son slept all through this. I went to take a shower, said my prayers and around 6.30am my hubby woke up and said why was I going in and out. I told him I am getting 8 minutes apart contractions. He said ok as he didn’t have a clue about what I said. Before going to toilet he said tell your dad to stay at home during the day as you might need to go to hospital during the day. I said WHAT! Where are you going? He said OFFICE! I said you cant. He said WHY. I was so calm that he couldn’t believe I was in labour. Meanwhile Nicky asked me I would like her to come to my place or meet me at the hospital. I said I was doing fine and that we can meet straight at the hospital. In between all this I felt like puking everytime I would get a contraction and feel absolutely fine when there was no contraction, At one such contraction I felt the strong urge to throw up and Nicky called my hubby saying you guys should move to the hospital right away. Contractions were now 3 minutes apart.

When we reached the hospital at 8.20am, I found Nicky waiting for me before we reached the hospital. I took couple of contractions on her shoulder and I felt good. Her touch, her presence made me feel comforted and confident that whatever comes our way, we gonna together handle it to the best of our ability. Since I had a chance to have my otherwise healthy breakfast, I was very thirsty. I asked for some water and in few seconds out comes the water. Since we didn’t have anyone around us. Nicky quickly grabbed a bowl, just in time! Though I wanted to apologise to her but I knew she would completely understand.

Soon the midwife said they got to check, how much I have dilated and I was already 9cms dilated. Soon the pain was becoming unbearable and with each contraction Nicky would calm me down saying one step closer, you can do it and Relax when there was no contraction.

Soon I realised I cant take the pain anymore and we moved to my pain relief of using gas and air as that’s what Nicky and I had discussed before. Since this method I believe, is the most safest for the baby then getting injections injected in to your blood. Once on gas and air, I felt that it doesn’t take away the pain and it sure helps you bear it. Soon the doc came and I started shivering and the transition stage had come. While me being in transition stage, my hubby, Nicky and the doc joked away about how mu hubby was hungry and it take my mind off the pain. Around 8-10 controlled pushes directed by the doc and assisted by Nicky, my baby boy was born at 10.13am in just about 2 hours after we reached the hospital. Soon after, I birthed the placenta as well. All the while I pushed, I held Nicky’s one hand and she held the mask for me with another hand. With every push, I squeezed her hand more and more. It did feel good ☺ and I am sure it hurt her at some point.

Once the baby was born, Nicky helped me put the baby on my breast immediately as we had planned. She took our first pictures. My husband cut the cord after it stopped pulsating and Nicky took pictures and Videos. She also took first pictures of the baby and the father and along with baby and grandparents. Such precious moments which only a Doula would remember to click while the parents are overwhelmed. After birth, she also assisted another doula who had come to take my placenta for encapsulation.

Soon my family arrived and when everything and everyone had settled in, Nicky stayed with us for a while. Once I was in postpartum recovering, she checked on my every day and today 10 days after birth also, I send her queries about breastfeeding and she sends me quality info which I didn’t have at anytime while I breastfed my first one.

All in All, it was a perfect birth with no epidural, no interventions, no inductions, short labour, full term baby who was immediately breastfed, precious moments recorded…made possible with Nicky. I can never ever thank her enough and I would only say I could not have asked for anything more.

Hiring Nicky Langley was the best decision of my life and will always be!