5 stars!

I was looking into hypnobirthing for the birth of my first baby and was exploring the range of courses available in Dubai, and Nicky offered to meet me for a chat. The minute I met her I felt completely at ease, calm and confident and I knew the Wise Hippo approach, with Nicky’s lead, would be the course for me. Nicky is one of life’s genuinely caring and kind people, she can’t do enough to make you feel prepared for the birth in so many ways, and is still in touch with us now.

The course was common sense, easy to understand and practise, and I loved the classes and the techniques. I used the breathing, affirmations and visualisation during labour and I fully believe that is what enabled me to relax and allow my body to do its thing, so I was fully dilated in 4 hours. During contractions/surges I used my ‘waves of relaxation’ breathing and throughout my labour I didn’t have any pain relief or gas and air: something I’d never thought was possible for me. My son was born after a 6.5 hour labour and I’m sure that was due to the techniques I learned and was able to apply. Thank you so much Nicky!