Oh THANK GOD FOR NICKY! 💕 from the moment we met Nicky at 24 weeks she immediately put us in a good positive space preparing for our birth! Nicky is a kind funny and easy to get along with Hypnobirthing coach and the Wise Hippo technique she teaches was easy to get the hang of!

After every lesson with Nicky I felt more equipped for labour and not scared and actually looked forward to it! Nicky made me feel like I could do it, it could be calm and enjoyable and that there was nothing to be scared of- and my husband picked up all the techniques to make sure he could support me.. with the right things to say and the wrong things to say 🤣 as well as massages and affirmations and how to be the perfect birth partner.

My 11 labour honestly felt “easy” because of all I learned from Nicky and throughout my surges all I kept feeling was peace and excitement of meeting my baby…

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NICKY and I truly believe all women should do hypnobirthing