Nicky was an absolute blessing to have with us through our pregnancy and even stayed in contact while I was in New Zealand to give birth! I found out I was having twins right from the start and although I had a great pregnancy, you are automatically categorized as high risk with a multiple pregnancy by medical professionals.

I knew my Mum had given birth to my twin sister and I naturally and wanted to do the same as much as possible but knew that the medical team might not be 100% on board. I would listen to my scripts daily and at night before going to sleep from the Wise Hippo program, but it was the voice of Nicky telling me that it’s the right birth on the day that we should focus on and hearing first hand of all of her experiences in delivery that left me reassured that whatever happens on ‘the big day’ would be right for us, and our boys.

The tools Nicky taught my husband and I allowed us to remain in control and calm through an induction, labour and subsequent emergency c section and I can’t thank Nicky enough for teaching me realistic and empowering options for something that seemed at the beginning to be very overwhelming and out of my control. I didn’t get a “dream” water birth, or even a natural birth but we got the right birth on the day and my two boys were born calm, healthy and happy with my husband and I there with them. Thank you Nicky, for all your support xx