Hello, my name is Nicky and I provide prenatal and birth preparation classes here in Dubai. I will guide you through every stage of your pregnancy, supporting you from bump to baby and beyond. No previous experience is required from you or your partner – just your love and passion for your little one!


The Wise Hippo represents the knowledge that we share and the Hippo symbolizes the protection of the childbearing woman.



The “HIP” way to birth your baby

We want all pregnant women and their partners to learn about the importance of prenatal bonding in the most useful and effective way. Understanding the true messages of our emotions is simple and life-changing. Our Bond with Baby session is a must for you, your partner and your baby’s emotional intelligence. Find out more below.

We want to empower all pregnant women, and their partners, to trust themselves and the choices they make, so that they can achieve the best birth possible and know that their baby had ‘the right birth on the day’. If you are pregnant and looking for a fantastic way to prepare for your birth just get in touch.

Benefits of Prenatal Classes


Instil confidence and the ability to manage expectations and emotions during labour.


My classes and schedule is tailored around your needs. My flexibility allows you to keep up with other commitments. 


Join the community of mothers and parents to be in a private Pregnancy & Parenting Facebook Group.

Peace of mind

There is nothing healthier for baby and mother than peaceful feelings through out the pregnancy.

24/7 Availability

From the time that you decide to hire me I’m just a phone call away 24/7 and can be with you at any time of the day. 

5 Star Service

Having decades of experience with my own children who also have kids of their own. It safe to say your in good hands.


Below are the prices of the different classes and packages I have on offer.

Video Testimonials

Check out these testimonials of previous clients who attended the Wise Hippo Prenatal Classes Program

What Do The Midwives Have To Say?

Check out this video of a midwife and what she has to say about the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and the difference it’s making to the births she has attended.